An AllTrials project

We think transparency and accountability are the key to improving science. We are a small, dedicated, effective team at the University of Oxford.

With more funds we could do all of the following:

New Trackers!

  • Deliver more new automated trackers
  • Deliver more new manually curated trackers
  • Offer a bespoke “auditing service” to institutions and funders

Advocacy and Impact!

  • Do more campaign activity around each new tracker, and each new data update, with AllTrials
  • Chase the researchers and funders of individual unreported trials, to ask them why they haven’t reported their results, and document their responses
  • Make our existing Trackers more attractive!

Better Trackers!

  • Add new features to our existing Trackers
  • Invest more in our work that uses AI and Machine Learning to spot unreported trials
  • Do more frequent updates on our manual trackers

More Targets!

  • Make a central site, with a page for every company, showing all their scores in one place
  • Make a central site, with a page for every treatment, and disease, where you can see whether the trials are all reported
  • Shine a spotlight on individual funders, including non-commercial funders, to compare their performance

Deliver Faster!

  • We are a small dedicated team
  • Dealing with journals, regulators, and the rest, takes a lot of time
  • With more funding, and more stable funding, we can expand, and deliver everything we already deliver: but faster, better, bigger, and with more impact!

So get in touch!

You can contact the team at or the project PI at